Top 10 Tips When Planning A Wedding


Weddings often take months, even years of planning and although in the end they’re almost always perfect. They can be a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun whilst planning your big day! To help you along the way we have devised a list of our “Top 10 Tips When Planning A Wedding”. 

1. Planning

It might seem obvious, but before start to put your plans to your wedding together, you need to work out what your budget will be and how much you can allow yourself to spend on certain parts of the wedding. This might sound like the boring bit, but why not make it a bit more interesting?

Buy yourself a wedding planner and add a bit of creativity to this traditionally boring task. Turn it into a scrapbook project compiling examples of everything you need to consider including food, drink, venue hire, flowers, suits, dresses (the list goes on). Don’t forget to keep in mind the amount you want to spend on your honeymoon as well as everything on the day!

2.  The Venue

Booking your venue is the first thing you should do as soon as you have a date in mind. You need to check that the venue you desire is available. Many wedding venues book up way in advance, especially during the summer months.

How can you make this part a bit more exciting? Take your friends or family along with you – travel to different venues and have a bit of an adventure exploring new places. Maybe even have fit a nice lunch in between all that hard work!

3. Making save the dates

Another hugely important part of your wedding is the date. Once you’ve done that you can start to add your own stamp on your wedding by sending out your save the dates – it can be expensive, but why not save money by making them yourself? Invite your friends over for a night of making your save the dates, accompanied with a glass or two of wine for good measure!

4. Don’t worry about little things

It’s definitely easy to get caught up in the minor details when planning a wedding, or even when you’re at your wedding and you realised you’ve forgotten something small and probably insignificant.

Don’t stress about these things, you’ll notice things that won’t have even crossed the minds of your guests. If you try to please all of your family, friends and guests then you probably won’t have the best time yourself. Obviously keep necessary requirements in mind, but thinking about what others want will just make the whole process seem daunting.

5. Take a day off

You’ve completed your first half of the wedding plans so now I think it’s only fair to take a day off from all that planning business. Treat yourself to a day out with your friends or other half.

Take some time out to go to that spa you’ve been wanting to go for – it’ll help you relax and leave you feeling great before your wedding day!

 6. Make a Meal Plan

Tying in with the budget a meal plan is essential. It will help to avoid dietary requirement mishaps and also helps to control expenses. You need to make sure you accommodate to you what your guests can eat. Although as I previously mentioned pleasing everyone isn’t essential – when it comes to food and people with allergies – be prepared!

Booking a venue where food comes with the wedding reception package might be the simple option in this case. Have I mentioned that’s something we do at the Clissold Arms? 

7. Wedding Appointments Can Be Fun

Often wedding appointments can seem like an extra task to do during your time off, unless of course you love event planning. Even so it can always get incredibly stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way of course – take your time and try menu sampling. What’s not to love about food tasting sessions? Other appointments to look forward include those all important wine tasting meetings.

8. Plan a Surprise

Why not add to the excitement of the big day by planning something that your guests won’t be expecting? Maybe an unexpected piece of entertainment or a cocktail hour? It will be an extra bit of fun for you to know what’s coming. Whether that be dancers, a band or something a bit more quirky!

9. Dress Rehearsal

Rehearsing for your wedding may to seem to be essential and it isn’t, however it can help to ease your nerves on the big day. Preparing you for what you have to do and say!

10. Early to bed

Finally, you must must must get a good night’s sleep. Put those last minute nerves to bed!


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