Top Ten Drinks to have in Summer

Here at the Clissold Arms we are fortunate enough to have a fairly extensive garden area. It’s something we are extremely proud of and when the sun is shining it’s the perfect spot for a beverage.

With that in mind, although the weather may be slightly temperamental at the moment, here is a list of our 10 best drinks for when the sun does decide to come out.

1. Pimms

Okay, so we went straight in there with the obvious choice, but who doesn’t love a glass of Pimms? Packed with fresh fruits and goodness a jug of this ridiculously British cocktail is essential on a summer’s afternoon.

2. Bellini

When it’s champagne, it’s bound to go down well whatever the weather let’s be honest!

3. Mojito

A personal favourite, made with Bacardi, fresh lime and mint leaves this fresh and tasty cocktail served tall with plenty of ice is the perfect beverage to keep you cool on a sunny day.

4. Fruit Cider

Once upon a time cider simply meant apples and park benches but these days with trendy choices like Rekorderlig or Kopparberg in all your favourite flavours you can enjoy a deliciously sophisticated cider in the sun.

5. Sangria

Wash down with some traditional Mediterranean meats and dips (the Clissold Arms has a fabulous selection by the way) with this old Spanish favourite and get your summer fiesta started.

6. J2O

For the non drinkers you can’t go wrong with your favourite flavour of J20, topped with lemonade or served just with ice this refreshing sweet treat is the perfect pub thirst quencher.

7. Prosecco

Outselling Champagne in the UK last year this Italian alternative has become a national favourite, due to high demand and a poor harvest in 2014 there is actually a world shortage so drink it while you can as there may not be any left at the end of summer!

8. Passion Fruit Collins

Pornstar Martinis are the drink of the moment in the chic city bars but if you want a passion fruit fix with a twist we have a gin alternative at the Clissold Arms this summer and it is delicious.

9. Tropical Fruit Twist

Full of fruit and flavour I think this mix of raspberry & orange stoli, midori, cranberry and apple juice speaks for itself.

10. Corona

Beer can be a bit heavy when it’s hot but topped with a slice of fresh lime to keep the flies out a cold Corona really is the ultimate summer beer straight out of Mexico.

And if that’s got you feeling thirsty come and visit us at Clissold Arms where all of these drinks and more are available to try yourself.


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