25 Greatest Disney Animations EVER

As it’s our first ever Saturday morning movie club tomorrow I have been asking everyone here at the Clissold Arms for their favourite Disney Classics.

Based on their answers here is our top 25…

25. CARS

Only just making it onto our list, this family favourite will be screening at movie club on Saturday 24th October at 10.30am.






19.  MULAN






13. WALL-E






Showing tomorrow morning at 10.30am FREE ENTRY!







  1. BAMBI

Keep an eye on our movie schedule as we will be running regular children’s movies in our brand new Oscars Terrace. Tickets are £3 per child and include pre film activities and a snack box. The first tomorrow morning at 10.30am is FREE!


Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfectly Planned Event

14.08.14 Jess wedb279e-lauretta2b262bsteveIMG_1270

With the party season just around the corner we are looking forward to our busiest time of year here at the Clissold. It all starts with our infamous Halloween party and from then on we can expect to be knee deep in party planning. With pretty much everyone organising some kind of function at this time of year here is our step-by-step guide to the perfectly planned event:

Step 1

The first and most important step before you get caught up in the tinsel and confetti is to decide on the date and time, amount of guests and type of event you’re looking for. We get a lot of enquiries for events here however it’s almost impossible for us to start working with you unless we know that we have the availability to do so.

Step 2

Once you have the basic outline of your event next you must set a budget. If you know how much you want to spend before you start spending it is a lot easier to keep track and avoid disappointment later on. It would be awful to pay for the wedding venue of your dreams to later find out you don’t have any money left for your dress!

Step 3

When your budget is set you need to sit down and decide where your money is best spent. Different people have different priorities so it’s down to you to make the decision as to whether you would like to spend a lot of money on your venue and food or if you would prefer to cut the frills and provide a big bar tab for your guests instead.

Step 4

Finally it’s the fun part! Venue is always the first thing to secure, when deciding on this you need to look at the best possible space for your event – Is there enough room for your guests, cake and ice sculpture? Does the venue provide catering or will you have to arrange this separately? Have they got all the audio visual equipment you require? How flexible to your desires are they? Most venues that are regularly used for events will have their own events team who will provide you with everything you need to know and help you tailor your requirements.

Step 5

Whether it’s a 5 course sit down meal or a finger buffet you will need to feed your guests something especially when there’s alcohol involved. It is usually a lot easier to choose a venue that does catering however it is not essential. If you decide on a venue that does do catering but you would like to order your food from elsewhere it is very important that you check they will allow you to do so.

Step 6

When your venue and catering is out of the way usually most of your budget goes with it, so now it’s time to look at what you have left and what you still desire. Decorating your venue (flowers, balloons, etc); entertainment (DJ, band, magician) or photographers are all extra costs to be considered. These are all things that again can usually be organised by your venue’s events team but make sure you speak to them before assuming it will all be taken care of!

Step 7

You should now have a clear idea of everything that’s going to happen and how your event will run. It always a good idea to create a list of the running order to make sure everyone knows what is happening and when to ensure a smooth and seamless event. If you have appointed a job to someone (e.g. dad bring the camera) make sure they are informed well in advance to avoid any miscommunication and to put your own mind at rest.

Step 8

Now it’s always a good idea the day before the event to have everything ready to roll, this way you can sit back and get your rollers in so that you are fresh and ready to host your event. Relax, pamper and prepare your event is tomorrow!

Whether it’s the office Christmas do, a romantic winter wedding or a big family celebration the Clissold Arms events team are always here to help!


cerebral palsy fundraiser

With our charity fundraiser in aid of children with cerebral palsy coming up at the end of the month I have been researching the neurological condition and the work The London Centre for Children with Cerebral palsy do to help.

Cerebral palsy is caused by problems in the brain and nervous system and is thought to affect 1 in 400 people in the UK. It is a condition that is caused by problems in the part of the brain that controls muscles. It can happen if the brain develops irregularly during pregnancy or is damaged shortly after birth.

Cerebral palsy is normally diagnosed in the first 3 years of a child’s life. The most common symptoms are lack of coordination in movement, stiffness, floppiness and uncontrolled body movements. It is often found when it becomes obvious that a child is developing slower than other children when learning to walk and talk. Different people are affected in different ways and while some children can remain severely disabled throughout their adult life others endure only minor difficulties.

There are associated problems with the condition and it is common that when a child is a diagnosed with cerebral palsy they may also suffer from seizures, difficulties swallowing and uncontrolled drooling. Sometimes children can have problems with education and communication, but this is quite uncommon.

The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy originally established in 1963 by Peter Rigby as the The Hornsey Trust for Handicapped Children. Royal patron HRH Princess Alexandra officially opened The Hornsey Centre in 1967 which provided day services for youngsters up to 25 suffering from a range of disabilities. As the centre developed it became more focused on cerebral palsy and education.

These days the centre is the only specialist Centre for babies and children living with the condition in the London area. They offer the national curriculum for children up to 11 as well as training sessions for teachers and other adults, one on one support, summer schools, parent and child groups and outreach services.

Due to the increasing demand for the centre they are actually in the process of building a new purpose built Centre of Excellence for their children. When the centre is complete they will be able to double their capacity! They have just 1 million left to raise out of £5,200,000 and hope to move into the centre at the end of 2016.

On Bank Holiday Monday 31st August The Clissold Arms will be having a charity fun day in aid of this fantastic centre and all the work they do. We will have a big raffle draw full of prizes donated from local businesses. As well as prizes to be won there will be a bouncy castle, live music, face painter and a meal deal! So make sure you have it in your diary, fun for all the family this bank holiday and all proceeds towards such a fantastic cause. 

Monday 31st August – Cerebral Palsy Fundraiser – The Clissold Arms

Top Ten Drinks to have in Summer

Here at the Clissold Arms we are fortunate enough to have a fairly extensive garden area. It’s something we are extremely proud of and when the sun is shining it’s the perfect spot for a beverage.

With that in mind, although the weather may be slightly temperamental at the moment, here is a list of our 10 best drinks for when the sun does decide to come out.

1. Pimms

Okay, so we went straight in there with the obvious choice, but who doesn’t love a glass of Pimms? Packed with fresh fruits and goodness a jug of this ridiculously British cocktail is essential on a summer’s afternoon.

2. Bellini

When it’s champagne, it’s bound to go down well whatever the weather let’s be honest!

3. Mojito

A personal favourite, made with Bacardi, fresh lime and mint leaves this fresh and tasty cocktail served tall with plenty of ice is the perfect beverage to keep you cool on a sunny day.

4. Fruit Cider

Once upon a time cider simply meant apples and park benches but these days with trendy choices like Rekorderlig or Kopparberg in all your favourite flavours you can enjoy a deliciously sophisticated cider in the sun.

5. Sangria

Wash down with some traditional Mediterranean meats and dips (the Clissold Arms has a fabulous selection by the way) with this old Spanish favourite and get your summer fiesta started.

6. J2O

For the non drinkers you can’t go wrong with your favourite flavour of J20, topped with lemonade or served just with ice this refreshing sweet treat is the perfect pub thirst quencher.

7. Prosecco

Outselling Champagne in the UK last year this Italian alternative has become a national favourite, due to high demand and a poor harvest in 2014 there is actually a world shortage so drink it while you can as there may not be any left at the end of summer!

8. Passion Fruit Collins

Pornstar Martinis are the drink of the moment in the chic city bars but if you want a passion fruit fix with a twist we have a gin alternative at the Clissold Arms this summer and it is delicious.

9. Tropical Fruit Twist

Full of fruit and flavour I think this mix of raspberry & orange stoli, midori, cranberry and apple juice speaks for itself.

10. Corona

Beer can be a bit heavy when it’s hot but topped with a slice of fresh lime to keep the flies out a cold Corona really is the ultimate summer beer straight out of Mexico.

And if that’s got you feeling thirsty come and visit us at Clissold Arms where all of these drinks and more are available to try yourself.

Top 10 Tips When Planning A Wedding


Weddings often take months, even years of planning and although in the end they’re almost always perfect. They can be a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun whilst planning your big day! To help you along the way we have devised a list of our “Top 10 Tips When Planning A Wedding”. 

1. Planning

It might seem obvious, but before start to put your plans to your wedding together, you need to work out what your budget will be and how much you can allow yourself to spend on certain parts of the wedding. This might sound like the boring bit, but why not make it a bit more interesting?

Buy yourself a wedding planner and add a bit of creativity to this traditionally boring task. Turn it into a scrapbook project compiling examples of everything you need to consider including food, drink, venue hire, flowers, suits, dresses (the list goes on). Don’t forget to keep in mind the amount you want to spend on your honeymoon as well as everything on the day!

2.  The Venue

Booking your venue is the first thing you should do as soon as you have a date in mind. You need to check that the venue you desire is available. Many wedding venues book up way in advance, especially during the summer months.

How can you make this part a bit more exciting? Take your friends or family along with you – travel to different venues and have a bit of an adventure exploring new places. Maybe even have fit a nice lunch in between all that hard work!

3. Making save the dates

Another hugely important part of your wedding is the date. Once you’ve done that you can start to add your own stamp on your wedding by sending out your save the dates – it can be expensive, but why not save money by making them yourself? Invite your friends over for a night of making your save the dates, accompanied with a glass or two of wine for good measure!

4. Don’t worry about little things

It’s definitely easy to get caught up in the minor details when planning a wedding, or even when you’re at your wedding and you realised you’ve forgotten something small and probably insignificant.

Don’t stress about these things, you’ll notice things that won’t have even crossed the minds of your guests. If you try to please all of your family, friends and guests then you probably won’t have the best time yourself. Obviously keep necessary requirements in mind, but thinking about what others want will just make the whole process seem daunting.

5. Take a day off

You’ve completed your first half of the wedding plans so now I think it’s only fair to take a day off from all that planning business. Treat yourself to a day out with your friends or other half.

Take some time out to go to that spa you’ve been wanting to go for – it’ll help you relax and leave you feeling great before your wedding day!

 6. Make a Meal Plan

Tying in with the budget a meal plan is essential. It will help to avoid dietary requirement mishaps and also helps to control expenses. You need to make sure you accommodate to you what your guests can eat. Although as I previously mentioned pleasing everyone isn’t essential – when it comes to food and people with allergies – be prepared!

Booking a venue where food comes with the wedding reception package might be the simple option in this case. Have I mentioned that’s something we do at the Clissold Arms? 

7. Wedding Appointments Can Be Fun

Often wedding appointments can seem like an extra task to do during your time off, unless of course you love event planning. Even so it can always get incredibly stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way of course – take your time and try menu sampling. What’s not to love about food tasting sessions? Other appointments to look forward include those all important wine tasting meetings.

8. Plan a Surprise

Why not add to the excitement of the big day by planning something that your guests won’t be expecting? Maybe an unexpected piece of entertainment or a cocktail hour? It will be an extra bit of fun for you to know what’s coming. Whether that be dancers, a band or something a bit more quirky!

9. Dress Rehearsal

Rehearsing for your wedding may to seem to be essential and it isn’t, however it can help to ease your nerves on the big day. Preparing you for what you have to do and say!

10. Early to bed

Finally, you must must must get a good night’s sleep. Put those last minute nerves to bed!

Our Favourite Spots in Muswell Hill

Situated on Fortis Green, The Clissold Arms is right in the middle of East Finchley and Muswell Hill – two of London’s loveliest suburbs right between Hampstead Heath and Alexandra Palace. 

There’s a wealth of places to visit in the area, but this post is just going to focus on Muswell Hill. The village is renowned for its vast views of London town and its range of independent shops. This means there is lots of hidden gems to explore.

1. Alexandra Palace

On the edge of Muswell Hill sits the beautiful Alexandra Palace. The views of London from the park are almost unbeatable on a clear day; it’s the perfect place to take a weekend stroll. With an ice rink, a putting green and concerts held regularly, it offers plenty in terms of entertainment. This isn’t surprising when knowing that the initial purpose of the venue in 1873 was for public recreation.


2. Muswell Hill Bookshop

Along Fortis Green Road you’ll find the thriving and independent Muswell Hill Bookshop. It’s the perfect place to browse for your new favourite book, or even an old favourite, with a large range of both new and old releases in store.


3. Eateries

The Clissold Arms is obviously at the top of our list here, with gastropub style food and fine wines on offer, however we don’t like to boast too much so here’s a few more places that we like to frequent.

Fasta – a great Italian situated on Fortis Green Road.

Feast – a lovely little cafe, almost next door to Fasta along Fortis Green Road.

Toff’s Fish and Chips – this place has certainly made a name of itself, serving the best fish and chips in North London.


4. The Cinema

Although debatable The Odeon probably isn’t the most eye pleasing sight in Muswell Hill. Despite this it is a Grade 2 listed building. Throughout the week there’s viewings of all the latest blockbuster hits.

St James?s Church and Odeon Cinema, Muswell Hill London

5. Crocodile Antiques

A quirky independent shop located along Muswell Hill Broadway; this place is a must visit when you’re in the area filled with intricate gifts for all the family. Hidden at the back is a small cafe, serving refreshments and cakes!


6. Cheeses

It may be small, but there’s a copious amount of cheese on offer. If you’re a cheese lover then this is a must visit. What is there not to love about a shop dedicated to all things cheese?


So there you have a round up of some of our favourite spots in Muswell Hill. Next time you head into the village, why not come for a drink or bite to eat at The Clissold Arms before, or after your visit.

Three Events at the Clissold Arms

Here at the Clissold Arms we love to put on events – in fact it’s an area that we pride ourselves on. Our expertise ranges from holding barmitzvahs and birthday parties to putting on spectacular weddings. We want to show you what we can do for any occassion…

Within the venue there are five different areas, where your event can be held, which means we are able to cater for intimate occasions or even large events with a capacity of 200 people. Our hire spaces include The Kinks Room, The Restaurant, The Terrace, The Garden and The Shed.

 1. A Barmitzvah

DSC_3105 245a-g745

The Clissold Arms has become a popular venue in recent months for Barmitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs; both large and intimate. Whether you want a sit down meal or casual buffet the Clissold Arms caters to your needs.

The venue can be completely transformed we recently had The Shed transformed into a miniature golf course. Previously we had even had a Candy Bar installed for a special Hawaiian themed Bat Mitzvah. We’re overjoyed able to provide our customers with the space we have.


2. A Wedding

48941-m26v DSC_4170

With the ability to hold events with up to 200 people, the Clissold Arms is the perfect venue for a wedding – our versatility is unbeatable. We can help you choose your food and drink with complimentary menu sampling, from our carefully compiled wedding menu.

We help couples to arrange everything from the flower arranging to entertainment matters.

14.08.14 Jess wed IMG_1270

3. A Birthday Party

DSC_5283 Al's Little Singers

We can host birthday parties for all ages – young and old. If you didn’t know already we won Family Pub of the Year in the South East and London in  2014; with this in mind it won’t be a surprise to you that we are pretty good at putting on children’s birthday parties. We have a wealth of contacts for entertainers in the area from arts and crafts to musical entertainment.


For more information, visit our events page here or contact the events team on info@clissoldarms.co.uk or 0208 4444 224.