The Kinks: Our Top 10 Favourite Hits

If you didn’t already know, The Clissold Arms is also known as “The home of The Kinks”; It’s where The Kinks played their first ever and last ever gigs. The band also spent a lot of time at this pub growing up, as brothers Ray and Dave Davies lived opposite on Denmark Terrace.  

To commemorate this fantastic claim to fame, we have an entire room that we have dedicated to The Kinks memorabilia – you could say that we’re pretty fond of the band I guess. To show our appreciation we’ve come up with a list of our top 10 favourite hits (in no particular order of course) – it was a tough choice to make, but we somehow managed to choose.

1. You Really Got Me

This hit from The Kinks was written by Ray Davies; released in August 1964 it was the band’s third single.This one really gets us going!

In fact we love it so much that we even have the lyrics on the wall of our Ladies toilets.

FullSizeRender (7)

2. Lola

The song Lola was released in June 1970, “Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One” was the album it featured on.

3. Sunny Afternoon

Sunny Afternoon was again written by chief songwriter Ray Davies. The track actually featured on the “Face to Face” album but was also the title track for their 1967 compilation album.

4. Waterloo Sunset

It was released as a single in 1967, and featured on their album “Something Else”.

5. Apeman

A song where Ray Davies expresses his dismay at modern day life was also on their “Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One” album from 1970.

6. All Day and All Night

“All Day and All Night” got to number 2 on the UK singles chart in 1964. Similarities are often brought up between “All Day and All Night” and “You Really Got Me”

7. A Well Respected Man

One of the band’s most recognisable songs, “A Well Respected Man” was featured on the EP “Kwyet Kinks” in September 1965 in the UK.

8. Victoria

“Victoria” was the opening track on The Kinks’ 1969 concept album “Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)”.

9. Tired of Waiting For You

In the UK “Tired of Waiting For You” was released as a single on 15 January 1965, appearing on their second studio recorded album “Kinda Kinks”.

10. Dead End Street

This track written in 1965 got to 5 on the UK singles chart.

Get involved and let us know your favourite track from The Kinks!


Clissold Arms Wedding: 10 Perspectives

If you’re thinking of getting married here at the Clissold, look no further. Clissold Arms has been featured in many different blogs, with some great photos displaying our versatility.

As I was compliling these blogs, I noticed a bit of a theme – rock’n’roll, vintage, retro… and that might be something to do with our strong connection with the Kinks, being the venue for their first and last official gigs. If you like music, this is the pub for you!

There’s also a preview of the rooms that we offer further down in this post. For more information, visit our events page here or contact the events team on or 0208 4444 224.


Asha & Simon (beautifully retro)

Maddy & Victor (mod wedding)

Imogen & Chris (cute and colourful)

Joanne & Matt (stylish and simple)

Sam & Tim (lots of fun)

Lucy & Martin (60s-inspired)

Becky & Leon (very vintage)

Sharon & Huw (DIY Rock’n’Roll).

Evelyn & John (a sweet origami affair)

Lisa & Steve (Stylish and fun)

 The pub can be hired out as a whole (up to 250 people), or in one or two of our individual rooms (ranging from 10-150 people). We’ve even had a mock ceremony in our little Shed.

 See our rooms:

Kinks Room – Here

Main Restaurant – Here

Heated Terrace – Here

Shed – Here

Garden – Here

Get in touch now!

An Insight into the Office of a Busy Gastropub in North London at Christmas

I get into the office at 10am and my colleague, Dee, office assistant, is on the phone. The other line immediately starts ringing as I’m taking my coat off. It’s someone ringing about an event in February. ‘How can anyone even start to think about anything happening after Christmas?’, Christmas is all consuming. Oh wait, maybe they don’t work in the hospitality, probably. We have a brief chat, then I send them a follow-up email. This happens about 10-15 times a day.

Sonia, the events manager, arrives, and sits down with George, the owner, to discuss the happenings of the week, and to set tasks for us for the day, be it promotion, emailing customers, or well, anything!

The phone rings again, a booking for tonight.

I try to dedicate a little time to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram each day, but it doesn’t always happen! I schedule Tweets for the day, line up potential Facebook posts, and walk around the restaurant and kitchen to see if there is anything interesting happen I can snap onto Instagram.

Meanwhile, Dee is organising hundreds of invoices for the previous month so we can file them away, and schedule payments to suppliers.

Sonia is now working on organising a wedding happening in 6 months, as she has a meeting that evening with the customers, as well as a tasting, so she preps the chefs to know what to expect.

The phone rings again. It’s an enquiry about Christmas Day, which has been fully booked for a month already. I explain this to the customer, and put them on a growing waiting list.

Interspersed in amongst this are emails coming through steadily, about events, bookings, invoices, marketing opportunities and anything else that one could want from a pub.

A member of staff calls in sick, so we need to juggle the rota to find another member of staff to cover, and track them down. Another member of staff comes into the office, we have run out of crackers! No problem, there are some more upstairs.

The phone rings. The beer delivery’s on its way.

Now, our favourite part of the day (!). Pre-orders for larger parties are essential in December, as we have so many of them, often in quick succession. So every day, we have to go through the orders for that night, and meticulously check them.

We receive a new list of events for the next month from George, which needs to be communicated to our web designer, designed by Dee, printed and each one needs to be created as an event on the Facebook. There’s a wedding this weekend, so Dee gets cracking with the design of the name tags, menu and table plan to be sent to the printer, plus flowers to be arranged.

Sonia starts to organise the rota for the weekend, juggling various requests for time off.

A customer walks in, about private hire. I sit down with her, and discuss some of the of her options. She provisionally books an event, and I sit down to compose a follow-up email.

Dee leaves at 5, having started at 9am.

There is a flurry of bookings for that evening when people finish work and decide where to eat for the night. At last, it is 6pm. I finish for the day, leaving Sonia to meet with her engaged couple.

The phone rings.

First appeared on Love Your Doorstep, by Poppy Coxhead

Clissold Arms can Take you Through Life

I’d always known we were versatile but it was only a few days ago when I realised that we were in one way or another, suited to pretty much any event (within reason, of course)

In fact, a lot of people don’t realise even close to how versatile we are. Some people come through the door and say ‘wow, this place is like a TARDIS!’ because it looks so small from the outside.

And it’s true. Our regular customers will know that on entering the pub, you will see The Kinks room (Private Function room with a heavy leaning on The Kinks), Main Restaurant (normal dining area), Terrace (which is in fact indoors but gets its name from the astroturf on the floor and pretty fairy lights adorning the ceiling), and The Shed (glam private dining room, replete with actual garden tools on the walls). The whole place takes up to 300 people, including the garden. It’s a pretty big TARDIS.

So you can see we have a lot of versatile rooms.

It occurred to me that in a week we have done the whole range: Christenings, First Holy Communions, Birthdays. Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings and Funerals. Sad as they may be, we are a venue that is so versatile that we can be appropriate for most functions you can think of. Baby shower? Yup, we’ve done them. Singles night? Yep. Frozen themed kids party? Hawaiian themed Bat Mitzvah? Tick. Bollywood 18th? Sure. Casino staff party? We’ve done it twice. For any of life’s occasions, big, small, happy, sad – you name it, we can take you through them.

Even if you’re not sure, it’s always worth a try- we have so many different spaces, menus and layouts, the combinations are endless.

And even outside functions, we can still be there for you. We weren’t named family pub of the year (SE & London) last year for nothing. Your kids can come to the many community events hosted here, your teens can enjoy the garden in the summer with an iced tea, you can enjoy dinner and a drink before dancing your socks off to a Motown night.

So, planning a World of Warcraft party?

We just might be able to help…